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by judithmcconnell

     Remember that April day you carry your jacket home from school and ask and are permitted to wear a sweater instead to play outdoors, maybe at the park, or baseball in the street, or riding your bike to wherever?

The rain seems warm, the breeze a delight and the days lighter longer toward night. Despite our being likely to play outdoors throughout wintertime, snow is fun for a while, spring means spring, carefree and fun.

Now whatever age, how different is this springtime. Wash our hands; okay they, we know that. Stay inside we are warned. Unless you’ve a yard, or balcony, or wear a cotton mask and stay six feet from anyone you might meet along the street. As sadness settles over this time, listen for gently falling rain, birds singing too; look still for flowers to blossom, green carpets of grass to appear and a future surely brighter than today — this special springtime season.

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