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Design Decision

by judithmcconnell

     To my mind a room should feel collected, not decorated. It is how I shop for my home, albeit many of my furnishings are inherited while others I locate at estate sales or even garage sales sometimes, e.g., a pair of brass and hand painted gardenias and dark green leaves upon ceramic three way switch lamps with shades for five dollars. These are quality, provide light on either side of my bed, atop nonmatching tables and go well with my pale sage toile tea stained duvet cover — a gift from a friend nearly 20 years ago. Egyptian cotton is simply the best and clearly long wearing. 

So, more currently I am in search of a four drawer chest of a certain size for my office and am taken by a photo (online estate sale) of an ebony Asian design with beyond beautiful and interesting drawer pulls of solid brass, plus a pull out shelf. Perfect, I call and they ask $175 — I offer $100 and they agree. A friend offers to pick it up and deliver it to me. From the moment it arrives I am in love with this piece. Placed next to my computer I need reach mere inches to pull the drawers which literally glide open and into which I keep a myriad of supplies easily accessible, yet out of sight.

My friend delighted too with my find, and I agree that the substantial brass handles alone are probably worth $100. Weeks later I am browsing the One Kings Lane website to see for sale within their antique section the exact same chest — two of them — for $1247.50 each. Do you even believe it? Famed designer Albert Hadley once said, “Nothing comes cheap, though the educated eye will always spot nice things for the least money.” Maybe it’s true?


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