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Meet Fetcher

by judithmcconnell

. . . the star of the children’s book I am finally writing. Finally, because I’ve been thinking about the story for a very long time.

“A children’s book you ask.” Yep. “Not your typical topic.” True.

Seriously, and I tend toward serious, e.g., Truth Behind School Boards. Okay then, two most recent posts delve into returning to school – or not; virtual learning – even teachers do not like it; will learning pods be successful? Will 40% of parents, as polled, maintain some form of homeschooling post virus? There are districts requesting parents to sign agreements that they will not observe their children’s online classes. WHAAAT? Why? No.

So, I have a headache now (not virtual) and need a break from ‘serious.’ Likely, especially if you are a parent or grandparent, you do, too. Hence Fetcher.

Clearly, this puppy is feeling part of the family and at home from day one. The children name him in the hope he’ll fetch their toys. Does he? How else do they play? There will be a fun surprise.

Haven’t a specific timeline yet but imagine I’ll be looking frequently to Fetcher for distraction. Stay tuned.

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