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Funeral for A Fantasy

by judithmcconnell

If ever you feel yourself being taken in by the charm of one of the opposite sex you probably are. It’s okay not all such situations end sadly.

If, however, that person tells you that you are his (in this instance) fantasy run, do not walk, to the nearest exit – stop answering your phone if need be – because wherever else and with whomever you are certain to be far more safe.

Here’s why: While initially you may feel flattered to be thought of in so romantic a fashion consider that a fantasy isn’t real, so isn’t romantic at all; it’s a convenience and not yours. There is absolutely no percentage in being a fantasy.

Additionally, soon his being your fantasy will materialize and when the delusion becomes so severe a distraction it must end, as it must, however will you end it? We’ve customs for ending marriages (divorce), arguments (reason – or not), and lives (death).

Actually dying to escape it a bit drastic but wanting to stop being a fantasy is not. Still, for you to survive, the situation must not. Apparently nowhere is there a listing or resource of procedures for accomplishing this intriguing and incomprehensible challenge.

Remember that film star Marilyn Monroe was the fantasy of millions of men. She was mostly alone and sad. And dead at 36.

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