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by judithmcconnell

Did it ever occur to me that one day I would serve on a School Board? No. But I did and learned so much that I want to share.

Who are school board members? Some are there, forever, to validate themselves. Others, to promote their business, or to use their board membership as a step to political office. Some want to promote athletics, others to prevent future redistricting. Then, there is the teacher’s union relationship . . .

Board members take an oath to ensure the education of children in their district and to represent district property taxpayers. Do you see these here? Not so much. Throughout the book I encourage better vetting of board candidates and attendance at board meetings.

At last and importantly more than ever we are seeing parents standing up to school boards – excellent. Hopefully not too late.

Truth Behind School Boards is scheduled for release mid August so please watch for it. You’ll learn so much, some surprising. Promise.

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